About Our Gauges

  Our Gauges come in two packages, round and square.


Round Gauges: Our round gauges are 100% billet machined aluminum. They are an industry standard 2-1/16" round. They use a large low profile nut on the back to secure the gauge in a panel or POD,  Not a  silly stamped metal "u" bracket like the competition  uses as those can cause serious installation issues. The Gauges are not fully sealed for outdoor use but can be used for motorcycle applications that are not driven in the rain.

 The Gauges come in different configurations as shown below. Just pick the options you want during the order process as it will ask you the options available to you.

Pick from the following options:

Display colors:  Red LED, Green LCD or Blue LCD

Face colors:  Black or White

Bezel colors:  Black or Silver


Samples Below:


The options are endless! Design your own custom gauges to match your car today.


Square Gauges: Our Square gauges are very compact! They come with velcro to stick it anywhere. All square gauges are ABS Plastic and the size of a car keychain remote.

Package color:  Black

Display colors:  Red LED, Green LCD or Blue LCD

Dimensions of Square Gauge:  L=2.12" D=.6" H=1.37"