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Square Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges (002)

Square Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges

DynoTune Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges Perform!!!
The DynoTune Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge is the best made, lightest, most accurate A/F Gauge available. The key-chained size package mounts virtually anywhere. The display options are as follows:
Green or blue backlight LCD display for stunning night time driving. The RED LED display is fantastic and more traditional. (Use green or blue for jet ski or motorcycle use!) This A/F gauge works with your existing oxygen sensor!

DynoTune Air/Fuel Gauges are superior to all others because they give you a real oxygen sensor output in millvolts. The DynoTune Gauges work with your existing oxygen sensor. Just three simple wires to hook up.I have tried many of the competitionís Gauges and they donít even come close to the DynoTune model, Vehicles with Carburetors, Fuel injection, Nitrous, Blowers, Turboís, this meter is a must! Use the following chart to help guide your way to maximum power!

Dangerously Lean
Getting lean
Max power(Lean) normally aspirated
Max Power normally aspirated
Max Power (Rich) (NOS,blower,Turbo)
Very Rich

Compare the following features:
  • Digital Display
  • .001 Volt Resolution  
  • 9-14 Volt Operation
  • Super Low Current Draw
  • Calibrated to .001 Volts

The competition uses LEDís that flash lots of different colors and it seems like a good idea until you actually use one. During normal cruising the LEDís flash up and down so much that it constantly annoys you forcing you to move or cover the Gauge with something, unless you are using it during the day, in that case you cant see the LEDís anyway. The DynoTune Gauge Always is easy to read but not distractive. The competition uses LEDís to indicate the air/fuel ratio but the main problem with these types of meters is the calibration. You never really know what each LED is set at? With only ten LEDís, they are only accurate to .1 volts, this is not accurate enough for performance tuning. The DynoTune A/F Gauges solve all this with resolution down to .001 volts! Air/Fuel ratio gauges allow you to see the ratio of air to fuel present in the cylinders. The Oxygen/O2 sensor sends a signal to the computer for fuel calculations and by tapping into that line you can do fuel pressure/boost/nitrous tuning for maximum power.

Gauge dimensions: L=2.12" D=.6" H=1.37"

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