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Blow Down kit for 5/10/15LB Bottles (909)

Blow Down kit for 5/10/15LB Bottles



Pick and choose the parts you want via the box to the right... each item is individually priced.

#1 is the burst disk

#2 is the blow down fitting (bottle to -08 adaptor) Note: Harrison style fitting includes a built in burst disk! .618" diameter so you dont need #1

#3 is the blow down reducer (-8 to -4 nitrous line)

#4 is the blow down safety nut, use this when transporting the bottle etc. This screws onto the blow down fitting and has vent holes just in case the burst disk ruptures!

#5 is the blow down hose, it is a -4AN braided line with blue nut on one end and a 1/8" NPT male fitting with a nut to secure through the trunk. 

The burst disk ports on 10LB nitrous bottles vary from valve manufacturers. Because nitrous companies use multiple brand valves, you will need to know the valve manufacturer before you buy.

Here is the list of manufacturers.
Harrison (has a big H on the side) .618" diameter burst fitting
Sherwood (says Sherwood on it).515" diameter burst fitting
cavagna (says made in Italy on it) .515" diameter burst fitting
NOS (their own brand).515" diameter burst fitting
Star (has 3 stars on the side in a triangle pattern made in Germany) .515" diameter burst fitting

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