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DynoTune Digital Time Delay Relay (708)

DynoTune Digital Time Delay Relay

Your DynoTune Time Delay Relay (DTDR) can be used to control just about anything you need with time delay.

The operation is very simple, apply 12 volts to the white trigger wire and after the time delay relay counts down and turns on, the internal relay inside turns on! You can run 12v though these terminals, you can run a ground though them etc… Adjust the digital display as needed. The time delay can work with an auto or manual transmission. During the shifts with a manual transmission the timer will keep track where its at in the time ramp.. it will not reset back to zero unless you shut the main power off to the red wire, then it will reset the time delay.

Any time you lift off the gas and get back into it the timer continues its time ramp… until the time is reached and the internal relay turns on.

NOTE: The Terminals are only good for 5amp of current so you might need to use another relay!! Drawing to much current through these contacts will activate the internal fuse and it will not function until the power is reset.

Mount the timer in a cool dry location. Wires:

RED --- switched +12V

BLACK --- battery ground only

WHITE --- +12v applied to start trigger

BROWN--- common for internal relay ( you can run this to switched +12v or a battery ground depending on what device your trying to activate)

YELLOW --- Normally Open ( connects to common wire when time delay is triggered and time is reached)

PINK --- Normally Closed ( this pink wire is always connected to the brown common wire until the time delay is triggered and time is reached, at that point this connection breaks and the wire is no longer connected to the brown common wire. When the time delay box is powered back off it reconnects the pink wire to the brown wire and is ready to work again.)

The left push button changes the X. setting X.XX The Right push button changes the .XX setting X.XX

After you make a change the display will stop flashing and lock on and be ready to work. Max delay setting is 9.99 seconds


Gauge dimensions: L=2.12" D=.6" H=1.37"

Comes with great wiring directions and examples...simple to install. 5 foot wire harness, simple velcro mount. 

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