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Co2 Shifter Kit For Motorcycles & Quads No Bottle (081.5)

Co2 Shifter Kit For Motorcycles & Quads No Bottle


This Co2 shift kit is the best one the market. It will make the quickest shifts around and decrease your ET a whole bunch! A Co2 tank system, just fill it with Co2 from a local sporting goods store, and you have enough gas to power 200-300 shifts depending on bottle size. Simple, cost effective lightning quick shifts. Compare our kit to others and you will see why DynoTune always wins.

> Massive ports in air solenoid=lightning quick shifts, 12V

>High flow blue Co2 regulator reduces the 1000 PSI Co2 pressure down to 160 PSI.

>Nickel Chrome fittings, 90 degree swivel fittings etc, not plastic cheap ones. 2 Foot Braided Co2 line to regulator.

>10 feet of black air tubing

>2" travel on air cylinder, universal mount with clevis and nuts, quality long life, low friction seals, micro polished bore etc!

>Instruction Manual

Note: Only to be used for off road use only, For use with CO2 only.

NOTE: YOU CAN ADD JUST THE BOTTLE VALVE AND A GAUGE IN THE OPTIONS BOX TO THE RIGHT. THIS KIT DOES NOT COME WITH A GAUGE.The power commander v has these kill features built into it.. the power commander 3 will work as well if you buy the power commander HUB and plug that into it.

The new adjustable small regulator has replaced the old blue regulator..

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